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IVF Miscarriage Stories

My Fertility Road

It's been a while since I've thought about it, until a friend told me she was pregnant. While I'm happy for her, I had a small pang of 'I wish...' We have two healthy and happy girls so I'm not complaining, it was just a hard road to get to this point.

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Infertility & PGD

My husband and I wanted to start a family right after our wedding in October 2010, so in 2011 I came off the pill and we tried. I fell pregnant and was so happy that our journey seemed an easy one. Boy was I wrong.

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The Emotional Merry-go-round of Infertility and Loss

I've had four miscarriages: two in 2017, one in 2018 and one in 2019. We also have a daughter born in 2015 with no prior losses. We are currently going through IVF in the hope that science makes better embryos than we do.

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Secondary Infertility & Miscarriage

Secondary infertility is a rocky path. You long to be part of the community you once were when you were childless, but there is a fine line about where you fit in. You can relate to all the 'mum' type posts, but also carry the pain that those without children endure.

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Where Do I Belong?

For some, the road to parenthood is paved in frustration and grief. The thing that has struck me most about this journey is how unfair it is. Nothing in life is fair, but there seems to be a great injustice that good people who would make wonderful parents, can spend years without a child to love.

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Loss after IVF

Despite how much time has passed, I will never forget the baby I lost or the pain I felt during this time of my life. In 2009 my husband and I decided that now was the right time to start trying for a baby.

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I wanted to share my most recent story with you as I want to advocate for change in this space.

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Inspiring Support

I have been on an "IVF Journey" for 5 years, and completed 6 cycles. I was lucky on my third cycle and became pregnant, but unfortunately lost our baby at 3 months and have never been successful since. It has just been heartache after heartache.

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Miscarriage & Infertility

We got to the scan and I knew nothing was going to show.

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Pregnancy loss and a pandemic 

That phone call with the doctor was officially the lowest I have ever felt in my life. I remember having the doctor on speaker and hanging up and collapsing at my husband's feet and wailing.

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You are not alone. My story of miscarriage and trying to conceive.

The hormone drop made me so emotional. I drank a lot of wine after that experience and cried A LOT. After I processed it all, I put myself back together and said, "lets try again".

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IVF and recurrent pregnancy loss with Lauren Gocher and Carla Anderson

Lauren is the founder and co-owner of SNDYS the Label.  Lauren has been connected to Pink Elephants for many years, has held fundraisers for us, has accessed support and has created awareness into the topic of fertility challenges and pregnancy loss.  She shares her story with generous hope.  

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