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It’s time to end the pervasive silence surrounding early pregnancy loss and provide better support to grieving families.

We will continue to raise awareness and provide support for those who experience the unnecessary trauma from health professionals, communities and workplaces. There is no #AtLeast.

What is #AtLeast?

Instead of feeling validated and supported during an early pregnancy loss, many families are faced with “at least” reactions from well-intentioned partners, family, friends and colleagues.

“At least it happened early”

“At least nature took its course”

“At least you are young and can try again”

“At least you already have other children”

“At least you know you can fall pregnant”

Pink Elephants #AtLeast campaign, has encouraged women and families to share their experiences with hearing “at least” while encouraging society to learn better ways to support grieving families.

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Saying “at least” to a person or family experiencing early pregnancy loss minimises their capacity to grieve — it’s an often well-intentioned but painful message to them that their grief is unimportant or unwarranted.

Such responses would not be acceptable when discussing any other kind of loss such as a stillbirth, or the death of a family member — and they should not be acceptable when discussing the loss of a much wanted baby.

We want to smash the narrative of #AtLeast so it becomes a socially unacceptable framework. 

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Share your experience within the health system. Your story has the power to inspire change and provide a voice for those who have suffered in silence. Let's break the silence, remove the shame and stigma, and ask for more help for women who go through miscarriage in the future.

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