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Our Team

Our Core Team

Contributions of support come in many forms, whether it’s taking part in the day to day running of our organisation, being a voice for our cause, helping us spread the word, or assisting behind the scenes

Samantha Payne

 Co-founder & CEO 

Sam experienced the heartache of multiple miscarriages and couldn’t find the support she needed. Together with Gabbi, she brought to life a vision of a #circleofsupport, a community where women were supported, nurtured, and empowered along their journeys. She has a degree in Media and a PostGrad in Education with a background in business development and she is currently studying for an MBA.  Sam’s a change-maker with a passion to make a difference.

Jen Wilkinson

Workplace Program Coordinator

Jen brings with her a decade of experience in women's reproductive health and is passionate about supporting individuals and families during the perinatal period.  Her focus is to champion our "Fertility in the Workplace Program" in the hope to empower organisations with the knowledge, training, and tools necessary to create a workplace culture that not only accommodates but genuinely supports individuals navigating pregnancy loss and associated fertility challenges.

"I firmly believe that workplaces play a pivotal role in shaping the experiences of families going through grief and loss. I've witnessed firsthand the deep and lasting effect that empathy, understanding and validation can have for families during this heartbreaking time. It is a true privilege to be a part of such an incredible organisation that is driving meaningful change and making a difference to the lives of bereaved parents."

Marianne Trinder

Bereavement Support Manager

Marianne is a Certified Practising Counsellor and Psychotherapist as well as a mindfulness instructor with over twenty-five years of experience in mindfulness practice. Marianne's personal experience with pregnancy loss inspired her to undertake further study and training in order to support others. 

“Pregnancy loss had a profound effect on my life. My experience was treated as a medical condition, but the significant emotional toll was rarely acknowledged or validated and I found it difficult to find support or understanding. I am excited to be part of an organisation which not only offers support but also focuses so strongly on raising awareness and reducing stigma around the emotional impacts of pregnancy loss.”

Amanda Tipping 

General Manager / Company Secretary of PE board

Amanda spends her days sharing our mission to normalise early pregnancy loss through evidence, empathy and compassion. Her focus is across the entire Pink Elephants business, helping to support our growing team deliver much needed support to anyone going through pregnancy loss or associated fertility challenges. 

"At 13 weeks I had to medically terminate my second pregnancy. Going through this experience has provided me with a level of empathy for all bereaved parents who experience similar heartbreak. I also know firsthand how important it is for every workplace to provide employees going through early pregnancy loss the time, support, compassion and help they need to validate this grief."

Hayley Jones 

Social Media Coordinator

Hayley joined Pink Elephants in December 2023. She is a goal-oriented marketing & communications specialist, with over 6 years’ experience developing and driving strategic marketing and communications initiatives, from conception to completion.

Karina Stafford

Workplace Coordinator

Karina is a sales and marketing professional. She started her career in a 'Drug & Alcohol Education / Not for profit Organisation' before moving to pharmaceuticals where she had the privilege of working on a number of life-saving medications in cancer, leukemia and schizophrenia. Most recently, she spent 12 years in recruitment, with the aim of finding candidates their dream job. What she learnt during this time was: 

"A company's culture isn't just about perks—it's about fostering relationships, trust, and support for employees. When people feel valued and supported, they're more engaged, innovative, and likely to stick around long term. In my experience this not only benefits the employee but also enhances customer experiences and overall business performance. It's a win-win for all."

Lara Melrose

Fundraising Coordinator

Lara's passion for raising awareness and supporting pregnancy loss initiatives stems from a deeply personal experience—the loss of her first baby in 2020. This devastating event led her to seek support from Pink Elephants, where she found not only solace but also a sense of community during a profoundly difficult time. Profoundly moved by the empathy and understanding she received, Lara felt compelled to ensure that no other parents endure such pain in isolation.

Now an active member of Pink Elephants, Lara dedicates herself to fundraising and advocacy, aiming to broaden the accessibility of essential resources and support services offered by the organisation. She leads the coordination of community events and cultivates partnerships with other organisations to enhance the visibility and impact of our cause.

Through sharing her personal story and promoting open discussions about pregnancy loss, Lara is committed to creating a more inclusive society. Her goal is to foster a world where the effects of pregnancy loss are openly acknowledged, and those affected receive the recognition, support, and validation they deserve. Through her efforts, Lara strives to transform personal loss into collective empowerment, ensuring that every affected family feels supported, heard, and understood.

Carly Dess

Administrative Assistant 

Recently Joined the team in April 2024 and feel so lucky to not only bring my Administration skills to The Pink Elephants Team, but be able to share my journey and work with such a wonderful organisation that is making a difference. With my compassion and empathetic nature I really feel I can contribute to supporting this amazing team.

"After going through an emotional IVF journey in 2014 and experiencing a blighted Ovum along the way. Feeling very alone in my grief and loss whilst trying to hold down a full time job in a corporate environment. If only I had support then like The Pink Elephants. "

Danielle Mortlock

Peer Support Coordinator

After experiencing the devastation of recurrent pregnancy loss, Danielle reached out to our Pink Elephants Peer Support Program. The validation, warmth and support Danielle received inspired her to join Pink Elephants as a Peer Support Companion in 2021. She wanted to support other women experiencing early pregnancy loss in the same way she was supported. Danielle moved into the role of Peer Support Coordinator in 2022. 

"I want every woman going through early pregnancy loss to know they don't have to walk this journey alone. That what you are feeling is valid, understandable and that we are here for you."

Jacqui Grant 

People & Culture (HR) 

Jacqui is an HR professional with over 15 years experience working in both London and Sydney. More recently Jacqui has worked as People & Culture Manager at Accent Group, where she oversaw the HR functions for a number of their retail brands and support offices. After taking maternity leave to have her third son, Jacqui has started working as a Career Development Facilitator at the UNSW.

"I have been privileged to watch Pink Elephants grow from an idea that was born out of grief, to an amazing charity that is supporting thousands of women and their families across the country. The work that Sam and Gabbi have done to give miscarriage a voice, and bring it into the spotlight has been amazing. With my background in HR, I want to be able to assist Pink Elephants in reducing the stigma of miscarriage within the workplace and provide training to other HR and people managers on how to best support their team members in their time of need. I am also passionate about ensuring our National Employment Standards allow women and their partners the option for leave to provide them the time and space to grieve their loss."

Rebecca Page 


Rebecca Page is a media relations and communications professional with more than 12 years experience working both in and with the Australian media industry. She works as Media Advisor for one of Australia’s most trusted and recognised brands, the NRMA. Prior to this role, she worked for NSW Health in a similar role. Before working in Public Relations, Rebecca worked as a journalist for Fairfax Media, the Seven and Nine Networks, and Sky News Australia.

"While on my first maternity leave, I struck up a friendship with PESN founders Sam and Gabbi in their local community, and felt compassionately compelled to volunteer my skills to help them reach more couples who need support, and to raise the profile of PESN among potential supporters."

Our Ambassadors 

Claire Brett - Regional & Rural Ambassador

Claire was born in Moree, and has always lived in regional Australia, moving to New England from Mungindi QLD. Residing now in Kentucky NSW on a farm with her husband Jake and their two boys, Rosco and Jimmy.

“Our life was smooth until I had several miscarriages after Rosco's birth, leading to an emotionally challenging time. After five miscarriages, I became pregnant with Jimmy, but the high-risk nature of my pregnancies caused immense anxiety - I required frequent hospital visits and medical procedures. Living far from medical facilities compounded my worry even more.”

Claire searched for local support for women who experienced miscarriages and found nothing. This gap motivated her to create a platform that truly understood the challenges of women in rural areas. Thus, Lighting the Way was born. She partnered with a local therapist and raised funds by selling candles and organising events, providing free services to those in need.

Realising the need for more extensive support, Claire found Pink Elephants, and soon discovered we share the same mission.

“Pink Elephants recognised the pressing issues faced by women living and working in regional and rural Australia. Because of this I found it a natural fit to join forces to make an even greater impact.”

Tahyna MacManus (Tozzi)

Tahyna is a director, writer, actress but above all a mother to two little humans and three angels. She is also a Patron for the Pink Elephants.

"I began shooting a documentary on miscarriage titled Misunderstandings Of Miscarriage after my second miscarriage and came across Sam & Gabbi and everything they have been doing. Pink Elephants have been incredibly supportive and have connected me with women all over Australia. I instantly felt like I wasn’t alone in my quest to open the conversation on miscarriage. It is an honour to be asked to be a Patron and I look forward to changing the way miscarriage is viewed within our society.  Tahyna xx "

Tahyna's documentary MUM - MisUnderstandings of Miscarriage - is on Netflix. You can watch the trailer here, and visit her website for more information https://www.mumdocumentary.com/

Rachael Casella

Mum to angels Mackenzie, Leo, and Bella, Rachael and husband Jonny have campaigned tirelessly since the loss of their first daughter Mackenzie at 7 months to a rare genetic disorder, to broaden the scope of prenatal genetic carrier testing in Australia. Her book Mackenzie’s Mission has just been published. 

Instagram: @mylifeof_love and website: www.mackenziesmission.org.au