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The Pink Elephants Peer Support Programme is a community of women who have all gone through the heartbreaking experiences of losing our much-loved babies, and we want you to know we truly understand, you are not alone, and you did nothing wrong. We have been where you are, we get it. And we're in this together.

All the Support

We are here to give you our time, our support, our empathy, and a safe space for everything you are feeling, thinking and questioning.

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Emotional Support Resources

We have created a suite of support resources that we hope will support and nurture you during this time.

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Online Communities

Our private Facebook groups offer a safe haven where we can support, empathise and empower each other through our  journeys. 

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Live Chat

Our Live Chat allows you to have an immediate connection and support with a Peer Support Companion in a safe online space.

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Personalised Calls

Here you can book one-on-one time with one of our Peer Support Companions to talk through everything you're feeling.

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Supporting Someone I Love

When someone you care about has suffered a miscarriage, it can be hard to know what to say or do. We have some suggestions that may be helpful.

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Our Peer Support Companions

Our volunteer Companions are a strong group of women who have all gone through the heartbreak of losing much-loved babies, and now want to support others.

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Marking the Loss

Commemorating your baby can be comforting, respectful and healing, and by doing so, you validate that they existed, they are loved, and they are missed.

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Bereavement Support Program

This unique six-week program is designed and facilitated by our Counsellor, Marianne Trinder. Each session covers a different aspect of the miscarriage experience and incorporates information, skills building and mindfulness.

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